前德州审计长州税务审计员 & 主管,25年


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  • 德州审计长办公室- 1983年至2008年(25年)
  • 监察长办公室- 2009年至2011年(3年)
  • 德克萨斯州劳动力委员会- 2015 - 2016(1年)


BBA, Accounting; Texas A&M University; College Station, TX; 1982


  • 销售使用税
  • 直接缴付销售税
  • 混合饮料总收入税
  • 酒店入住率税
  • 汽车销售税
  • 特许税
  • 汽车燃料税
  • 宾果的税收
  • 香烟及烟草税
  • 州际汽车运输税
  • 州际燃料税协定(IFTA)
  • 天然气税(营销成本退税)
  • 销售税利息
  • 性取向企业(SOB)入场费
  • Certificate of No Tax Due Requests (protects purchaser of business from liability of tax debt incurred by seller of business)
  • 联系
  • 自愿披露协议
  • 管理审计
  • 合同审核
  • 退款请求(生产积分、主要用途研究等.)
  • 舞弊审计追加50%罚款
  • 审计清算
  • 和解会议
  • 争端解决会议
  • 再决定听力
  • 可征税性研究
  • Audit Sampling and Projection Methods and Procedures (including CAMS audits)
  • 成本报告(按卫生和人类服务费率分析司计算)
  • 单一税务审计(大学, Independent School Districts and Non-Profit Organizations receiving funding through bonds from State of Texas)
税务审计, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (休斯顿 South Audit – 1983 to 1987; 奥斯丁 Audit – 1991 to 1996)
  • 独立执行的销售税, 特许税, 宾果的税收, 机动车税, IMC的税收, 酒店入住率税, 混合饮料税, 燃料税审计和退税验证(制造信用, Predominant Use studies and Natural Gas Tax marketing cost) for businesses including manufacturers, 承包商, 银行, 批发商, 服务提供商, 报纸, 电信服务, 广告公司, 农业, 医院, 汽车经销商, 燃油经销商, 酒吧, 餐厅, 便利店等零售企业
  • Promoted to Auditor IV within 4 years; noted for having “keen sense of taxability”; excelled at submitting productive audit leads
  • Served as Office Audit Selector (休斯顿 South – 1985 to 1987; 休斯顿 North – 1986 to 1987); 奥斯丁 – 1991 to 2006)
  • 编写办公室审计选择程序手册
Audit Select Program Group Leader – Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Audit Division Headquarters – 1987 to 1991)
  • 协调审计部门审计选择程序
  • Supported 17 in-state and 4 out-of-state audit field offices to assist audit office managers and audit selectors develop in-office audit select programs, 并就审计选择工具和程序的使用提供建议
  • 编写审计选择程序手册
  • Conducted Audit Select Seminar for Audit Office managers and audit selectors in 1987 and addressed managers at annual Audit Division managers’ meetings relating to Audit Select topics
  • Developed information sources such as FAA report transactions of aircraft involving Texas sellers/purchasers and PIERS import data showing imports of high value tangible personal property by Texas entities, 等. 使用税可能在哪里缴纳
  • Used SAS to create computer programs to access taxpayer database and create reports to identify potential audit candidates; customized reports were provided to audit offices as requested to allow them to efficiently select audits using specific criteria
  • 曾与田纳西州, Louisiana and other states’ tax revenue departments – shared information, 开发了审计选择工具, systems and databases; this included regression analysis statistically based scoring program that identifies “high score” audit candidates
Audit Group Supervisor, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (奥斯丁 Audit – 1996 to 2006)
  • 管理8至12名税务审计员
  • Conducted monthly workload reviews and field visits to monitor my 审计人员’ audit procedures and activities; ensured that 审计人员 utilized efficient planning, 制定并记录适当的审计计划, prepared adjustment schedules with no errors and in accordance with tax laws and division audit procedures
  • Provided feedback and advice to 审计人员 to develop their audit expertise
  • Ensured that 审计人员 received 80 hours of appropriate ongoing training per year
混合饮料税 Audit Program Coordinator – Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Audit Division Headquarters – 2006 to 2008)
  • Set annual operating budget, by office, for 混合饮料税 audit completions
  • 为审计部审计员提供混合饮料税务审计培训
  • 为审计办公室管理提供建议, 审计人员, and Legal 服务 Staff pertaining to 混合饮料税 and MB Tax audit procedures
  • Reviewed requests for Certificate of No Tax Due for all taxes administered by Comptroller’s Office to decide whether audits needed to be performed; created and sent high priority audit assignments to audit offices as necessary
Special Projects and Task Forces – Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (1987 to 2008)
  • Represented Audit Division in joint division task force to revise SIC Code Classification database pursuant to 1987 changes by Federal Office of Management and Budget
  • Helped facilitate conversion of SIC code to NAICS code classifications for approximately 1 million entities conducting business in Texas, 1993年北美自由贸易协定实施后
  • 与税收政策合作, 其他机构人员, 德州机动车辆管理局, 县税务估价员/收税员, during development and implementation of statewide County Tax Assessor automated motor vehicle titling and registration system (RTS)
  • Was a key team member and contributor on special project task force during development of scope and framework for Revenue Opportunity Program/Business Tax Revenue Team “desk audit” program
  • Texas Vendor Project – Program was created to ensure that out-of-state vendors doing business with State of Texas agencies are in compliance with applicable Texas taxes. My audit group was temporarily assigned to assist Business Activities Research Team.  我们负责进行研究和桌面审计, then using telephone calls and written correspondence to identify taxpayers who had nexus for Texas taxes, 但不被允许或遵守.  审计员“设立”纳税人(主要为销售税和特许经营税), 是否要求他们提交适用的纳税申报表并缴纳税款, 然后把它们恢复到“良好的信誉”状态. 我监视审计人员的工作量, 协助制定审计程序, 并编写了项目的程序手册.
  • 在80年期间和其他机构人员一起工作th 立法会议创建和实施HB 11和HB 1751. HB 11要求ale的分销商和批发商, 啤酒, 酒, 香烟, 雪茄, and tobacco products to electronically submit monthly sales summaries to retailers.  The bill was intended to provide audit tool to Audit Division to identify potential under-reporting of Sales Tax and 混合饮料总收入税 by 餐厅, 酒吧和便利店.  HB 1751, 俗称“杆子税”, was a new fee imposed on “sexually oriented businesses” (primarily topless 酒吧), 根据招生.


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